Value Proposition

Focused Exposure to GCC Food Service

  • Favorable sector economics: the combination of growing disposable income, expanding youthful population, and increasing consumption expenditure
  • Growing food and beverage service demand in the GCC is complemented by increasing opportunities in retail space supply brought by exciting retail developments
  • Favorable consumption trends: GCC’s population frequency of eating out and average spend is increasing
  • Defensive nature of fundamentals keep the sector insulated from macro-shocks such as oil price drops


  • Operations

    Experienced operations team with decades of in-house experience in food service, hospitality, marketing, finance, and procurement across the GCC, India and USA
  • Investments

    Approved by the Investment Committee comprising of experienced investment professionals and backed by advisors with decades of investment experience in acquisitions, fund management, due-diligence, deal sourcing/ executing and value enhancement

Organic Growth

  • Immense potential to expand the current asset base locally and regionally
  • Capacity for marketing driven by growth in like-for-like sales
  • Leverage popularity to scale up operations, expand outlet presence and ramp up revenue base

Expansion Opportunity

  • Pipeline of potential investments
  • Attractive entry valuation, with strong potential for multiple expansion
  • Focus on quality brands and assets with strong cashflow generation, favorable ROEs, debt free balance sheets and scalable operations


  • Investment in a growth entity with a productive operations structure
  • Operations are supported by centralized shared services designed to capitalize on economies of scale as the asset base grows
  • As a growing portfolio of brands, size and reputation continue to achieve wider availability of offerings and propositions, better finance and credit terms, larger network of contacts, etc.

Differentiated Investment Product

  • Unlike traditional private equity investments, there is no “J-Curve” i.e., no negative cash flow, investor starts accruing dividend from Day 1
  • No “7-10 Year” commitment - expected exit in 2020
  • Specialist investment vehicle for GCC food and beverage sector
  • Multiple exit options such as merger, strategic sale, sale to financial investor, IPO