Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Shailesh Dash

Innovators and business leaders tend to be individuals or companies that not only see the bigger picture but understand how that picture is being composed. I am proud to say that here at Diamond Lifestyle Limited, we believe that in order to be the market leading lifestyle services platform, we must maintain high levels of dynamism, have a constant focus on excellence and ensure that the customer experience is never compromised. Finding a business opportunity can be the easy part, utilizing it and executing the business plan to find success can be the hard part; but this can be achieved through experience and a deep understanding of the fundamental factors at work on the ground level. The team at Diamond Lifestyle Limited carries not only this experience and understanding but also an innate ability to transform a vision into a commercial success.

The economic and macro indicators in the MENA landscape show that consumer businesses and specifically the lifestyle sector are about to embark on a vertical growth line. The exploding population and income levels play directly into the expansion of the lifestyle industry. Diamond Lifestyle Limited has placed itself strategically in this growth phase, picking innovative solutions and niche positions that carry less competition and greater probability of uninterrupted profitability. This is not based on chance but on a deeply researched and comprehensive analytical process that has identified these unique areas of opportunity.

At the core of what we do will always be the experience of our valued customers and, in turn, we believe that this will give us longevity in the hospitality industry and allow us to achieve peer status that is unmatched. Not only will we identify the ideal offerings but we will package it with the customer’s specific needs in mind. The success of any lifestyle venture is based on pure human emotion. We not only understand this but we make the concept of touch, feel and sight a fundamental requirement of any of our offerings.
The mind should never forget and the heart should always yearn for more – that will be our core ethos.

Diamond Lifestyle Limited is very confident and excited to be an active investor and operator in the hospitality sector, and we believe our Mission and Vision will play a strong part in the development of the sector in the GCC.  We strongly and passionately believe that our journey will resonate with investors and consumers alike. We invite you to join us on this journey and let your mind and your heart experience what we have to offer.

Shailesh Dash, CFA
Chairman of the Board